Book #8

Wow…Looking back at the previous post, I had no idea it had almost been a year since I published book #7.

It has been a crazy and hectic year, so I guess I’ll have to let myself slide for that. With it being Val’s last year of school, it was get it done or it wouldn’t get done – ever. I asked her to read the last draft of book #8 and said, “If you want it out, I’ll need a cover before graduation.” She promptly gave me this:

book 8

I have always had her read a story and come up with her rendition of a cover. I sooo love this! You can guess it’s a tale of Atlantis. This story of course has a few twists, like only Val and Sam can do.

back blurb: A quick stop at a Barnes and Noble takes Val and Sam on another unexpected journey.

They are once again whisked away with no warning. This time, they find themselves stranded on a pirate ship. Grateful to be rescued by Captain Nemo and his crew of the Nautilus, they are delivered to the Greek god, Poseidon. He’s lost something and needs
them to unravel the secret of their pendants to find it.

Mythical creatures, hidden caves, a civilization believed to be only a legend, and the accidental discovery of Pandora’s Box along the way makes this their most amazing
adventure yet!


I had to do the back a little differently as well. Val showed me a drawing she did for an online role-playing she was doing, and I had to steal her. I made a boy character a girl so I could use her. As well as being a sketch in the book, I had to put her in color on the back. She was too awesome not to! Meet Zayla.

sing_lead_by_madlyinlov3-d8us9uw (2)

The book is available at Amazon and will be at Smashwords, B&N, & in print in a few days. (Just waiting on final approvals and 2nd proofs – I don’t do the 3 month exclusive with them.)

As far as more of the story, we’ll have to see. These were all written so long ago, and our monthly Val & Sam trips haven’t been the same for years. The girls are both off to college and I’m not so sure tales of the parents getting together without them will pack as much punch. LOL

I did have a prequel written shortly after I wrote book 1, I’m just not sure if I will ever be able to beat it into the shape that I want with all the changes I learned I’ll have to do. (Remove all mention of Peter Pan for copyright reasons….) We’ll see. You know who the boss on that will be. 🙂 There are some notes I’ve made – like a book I planned to set in Hawaii. Maybe a long, cold winter will bring inspiration.

I will tease you with this though: Val has mentioned over the years that she wants to continue the story as a YA version with her moving on to their fantasy world. I haven’t hinted to it in the last book, but she did make me add something that she already has in the works as how to get it going. I may have a book 9 to lead into it (we’d have to collaborate of course) or she’ll take the reigns from here. Having read her stories all through school, I’m more than happy to hand the baton to her. She also mentioned having to create a video game upon her graduation and Book #1 being the theme for that. I couldn’t be more excited. I really hate to give away too much here, but I never blog so what the heck. 🙂

Update on Val – she left in July for Florida to the Yale of art colleges. She’s had this picked out since she was 9, and even got a nice scholarship for her persistence. Video game art will be her major. I’m floored for her to have known what she wanted to do with her life at that age – seeing as how I’m still trying to figure it out! I have been trying to figure out a way to use her hard work on these covers as part of a way to earn money for tuition.

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Thanks for tolerating the windy news!

Happy Reading!

Ann T Bugg


Book #7

Wow…I’ve become quite the slacker this summer. I released book #7 in the series a lot sooner than they are normally scheduled, but I guess it would help if I y’know…let everyone know n stuff. LOL

This time, Valerie & Sam’s adventure is set at the Science Museum in St Paul, Minnesota. Someplace Valerie has had a ton of fun at over the years. I received a wonderful stamp of approval from the president of the museum. *blushes*

Of course our own Princess Valerie drew the cover – my new favorite:
book 7 front

Amazon Kindle Link

Amazon print

It’s will available at B&N soon.

Thanks & Happy Reading!
Ann T Bugg

Book #6 is out!

book 6 front kindle

The next book in my Before Happily Ever After Middle Grade Series is out!!

Click here to get you to the kindle version. (Sorry, but it will be a few weeks before I have it avail at B&N.)  Print will be avail in just a few days. There is a Goodreads Giveaway going on here, since I will have them in my hot little hands well before it’s over. 🙂 Pop on over & get yourself entered!


Back cover blurb:

With Samantha’s little brother Joshua along, the girls didn’t think they’d get to go on an adventure this summer. They could not have been more wrong.

Josh disappears mysteriously into the cornfield while on his pony ride. Marcus, happy to finally be allowed to reveal himself to Val and Sam, informs them that Josh has been taken to another realm. It’s now up to them to find a treasure in exchange for his safe return home.

With help from a new friend, they follow secret caves and tunnels, and even discover
the city of gold. But they learn that is not the greatest treasure of all.


As usual, there are a few great sketches by my daughter. Here’s my favorite. He’s Alcandor, a centaur that helps Josh, but she calls him “Hottie McPretty Face.” I concur.

centaur create

Book #7 is off with my editor & will be out much sooner than the time I normally leave between books. I’m anxious to get this one out there. Here’s a peek at the cover. My daughter sure outdid herself! It’s based at the Science Museum in St Paul, Mn.

book 7 front

Happy Reading!!! I’ll be updating soon!

Children’s Book Week Blog Hop


Welcome to my site!

I’m thrilled to have joined this fun hop by Mother Daughter Book Reviews  and Youth Literature Reviews going on from May 12-18.

If you’re new to me and my Before Happily Ever After series, the stories follow best friends, Valerie and Samantha, as they live through favorite fairy tales & folklore with a fun, new twist!

The timing for this great hop is excellent! I have an interview coming up and set Book #1 in my  free on Amazon for 5 days! So aside from my giveaway, you can get #1 in the series free as well! (Click the book, it will take you to the Amazon link.)

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The rafflecopter below will be for this Cinderella doll set and a print book of your choice to a US winner. An INT winner can have 2 e-books of their choice.

Check out the series tab on top to see all the other books in this series. Each one is a stand alone so you don’t have to start at #1 unless you’re a series freak like me. LOL. (For example: If you are a King Arthur fan and would love a fun, new twist, you can just pick up #3.)


I do have book # 6 scheduled out later this month so if you are already caught up with the series, I can wait & send you that! Totally your call. I’m really excited about this one since I finally got Sam’s little brother, Josh, into the story. It’s my favorite cover so far! This story has taken the girls out of their fairy tales and into finding “El Dorado”, but  it’s not what you think.


Join the rafflecopter below to win!! (Sorry, my site doesn’t play nice with them. You’ll have to click the link that takes you to the site.)
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Holiday Blog Hop!


Here’s the hop I promised you! There are some great authors and giveaways here, so be sure to check them all out!

My giveaway isn’t Christmas related, but it is the latest book in my Before Happily Ever After series: Soaring up to the Clouds, Not Knowing Jack. It’s a fresh, new take on the Jack and the Beanstalk tale like only Val & Sam can do! Since it’s Christmas, I will open up the print copy to all countries. What the heck. ‘Tis the season, right? 😉

Book #5

If any of you follow me on a regular basis at facebook, you’ll know we’ve moved recently. I had a group meeting at my new job within my 1st few days. One of the “get to know you” questions was “Share a Christmas memory.” Hands down, it has to be the first Christmas after hubby & I spent together.

In the 18 years we’ve been married, we’ve spent more than our share of time together in the car. A lot of those miles were over Christmas. Our marriage started off with a doozie of a road trip.

We were married on Maui in Oct – December we shipped the car to California. We picked it up a few weeks later & proceeded on our drive to Marathon, Florida with a tiny Christmas tree (with battery operated lights) and a one-piece manger on our dashboard. We only got as far as Nevada before our car broke down mid-desert. Certain that there was not going to be help anywhere and we were going to meet our doom, we were proven wrong when just a few feet ahead, a service station appeared. I would not have been surprised if there were 8 reindeer pulling it or 3 wise men standing by, whichever way you want to believe. All I am certain of, is that I would be surprised if it was there the next day. It was one of those “too good to be true” co-inky-dinks – the man was certainly an Angel. The dude fixed our car for $20 then proceeded to make reservations for us at a hotel in Las Vegas. The timing was simply “inconceivable” . (You knew I was going to Princess Bride here, didn’t you? 😉 ) The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful by comparison, but we did climb out of the little Honda Civic expecting the “Blues Brothers” ending, with the car falling apart.

My son was with us at the time, my daughter wasn’t born yet. Through the years, we’ve put her through her paces with trips to California & drives to Florida over Christmas. I love to be with family over the holidays – we just like to spread ourselves around! Sometimes I play the guilty mom for robbing my daughter of the “Christmas morning” routine, but the little turd usually lucks out and gets Hanukkah instead, & gets a gift in every state! 😉

I hope wherever your travels take you, you find a bit of holiday excitement that you didn’t expect. If you travel, remember to go out of your way to bring the holidays to the people you meet. You just never know you put them in your path. 😀

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Merry Christ-ma-kwan-za-ka, everyone!!
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Book #5 is out!! And it’s free!!

Book #5

Valerie and Samantha’s journey begins before they even make it to Val’s farm this summer. When their families meet up at a festival, a hot air balloon ride takes them high into the clouds where surprises of Giant proportions await them.

With the help of old and new friends, they return to a familiar kingdom and time to once again rescue Snow. This time from the evil queen’s second attempt at killing her.


I know, I say it every time… but this is really one of my favorites!! It’s a wonderful twist to the timeless “Jack & the Beanstalk” tale, as only Valerie & Samantha can live it.

Even though I’m doing what I swore I’d never do, I’m locked in at Amazon for a couple months. It’s the only way I could allow it to be FREE!!!! If you haven’t read any of the books, this is a good introduction to Val & Sam and their antics. It will be free for 5 days.

Amazon Buy linky

Print will be out in just a few days if that is your preferred method. If you wait & get that through Amazon, the e-book will still be free. 😀

As always, e-mail if you want a signed copy.

Happy Reading!!
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Holiday Blog Hop!! Dec. 1st – 15th

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My middle grade group is hosting a holiday blog hop!!


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