Book #8

Wow…Looking back at the previous post, I had no idea it had almost been a year since I published book #7.

It has been a crazy and hectic year, so I guess I’ll have to let myself slide for that. With it being Val’s last year of school, it was get it done or it wouldn’t get done – ever. I asked her to read the last draft of book #8 and said, “If you want it out, I’ll need a cover before graduation.” She promptly gave me this:

book 8

I have always had her read a story and come up with her rendition of a cover. I sooo love this! You can guess it’s a tale of Atlantis. This story of course has a few twists, like only Val and Sam can do.

back blurb: A quick stop at a Barnes and Noble takes Val and Sam on another unexpected journey.

They are once again whisked away with no warning. This time, they find themselves stranded on a pirate ship. Grateful to be rescued by Captain Nemo and his crew of the Nautilus, they are delivered to the Greek god, Poseidon. He’s lost something and needs
them to unravel the secret of their pendants to find it.

Mythical creatures, hidden caves, a civilization believed to be only a legend, and the accidental discovery of Pandora’s Box along the way makes this their most amazing
adventure yet!


I had to do the back a little differently as well. Val showed me a drawing she did for an online role-playing she was doing, and I had to steal her. I made a boy character a girl so I could use her. As well as being a sketch in the book, I had to put her in color on the back. She was too awesome not to! Meet Zayla.

sing_lead_by_madlyinlov3-d8us9uw (2)

The book is available at Amazon and will be at Smashwords, B&N, & in print in a few days. (Just waiting on final approvals and 2nd proofs – I don’t do the 3 month exclusive with them.)

As far as more of the story, we’ll have to see. These were all written so long ago, and our monthly Val & Sam trips haven’t been the same for years. The girls are both off to college and I’m not so sure tales of the parents getting together without them will pack as much punch. LOL

I did have a prequel written shortly after I wrote book 1, I’m just not sure if I will ever be able to beat it into the shape that I want with all the changes I learned I’ll have to do. (Remove all mention of Peter Pan for copyright reasons….) We’ll see. You know who the boss on that will be. 🙂 There are some notes I’ve made – like a book I planned to set in Hawaii. Maybe a long, cold winter will bring inspiration.

I will tease you with this though: Val has mentioned over the years that she wants to continue the story as a YA version with her moving on to their fantasy world. I haven’t hinted to it in the last book, but she did make me add something that she already has in the works as how to get it going. I may have a book 9 to lead into it (we’d have to collaborate of course) or she’ll take the reigns from here. Having read her stories all through school, I’m more than happy to hand the baton to her. She also mentioned having to create a video game upon her graduation and Book #1 being the theme for that. I couldn’t be more excited. I really hate to give away too much here, but I never blog so what the heck. 🙂

Update on Val – she left in July for Florida to the Yale of art colleges. She’s had this picked out since she was 9, and even got a nice scholarship for her persistence. Video game art will be her major. I’m floored for her to have known what she wanted to do with her life at that age – seeing as how I’m still trying to figure it out! I have been trying to figure out a way to use her hard work on these covers as part of a way to earn money for tuition.

If you haven’t already, join my Facebook fanpage for updates.

Thanks for tolerating the windy news!

Happy Reading!

Ann T Bugg


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