Book #5 is out!! And it’s free!!

Book #5

Valerie and Samantha’s journey begins before they even make it to Val’s farm this summer. When their families meet up at a festival, a hot air balloon ride takes them high into the clouds where surprises of Giant proportions await them.

With the help of old and new friends, they return to a familiar kingdom and time to once again rescue Snow. This time from the evil queen’s second attempt at killing her.


I know, I say it every time… but this is really one of my favorites!! It’s a wonderful twist to the timeless “Jack & the Beanstalk” tale, as only Valerie & Samantha can live it.

Even though I’m doing what I swore I’d never do, I’m locked in at Amazon for a couple months. It’s the only way I could allow it to be FREE!!!! If you haven’t read any of the books, this is a good introduction to Val & Sam and their antics. It will be free for 5 days.

Amazon Buy linky

Print will be out in just a few days if that is your preferred method. If you wait & get that through Amazon, the e-book will still be free. 😀

As always, e-mail if you want a signed copy.

Happy Reading!!
Ann T Bugg


One thought on “Book #5 is out!! And it’s free!!

  1. Hey, June! What a crazy-ass story! You and your hubby did indeed meet a Christmas Angel on the way! There’s a book somewhere in this story! Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season. I’m so glad we connected and became great friends. Hey, maybe an Angel got us together! Hugs!

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