Back to School Blog Hop!


When my friends at our facebook group came up with the idea to do this hop, I didn’t know my post would be so “spot on” for the back to school theme.

This is an exciting new school year for us. We’re moving & my daughter is starting a new school. There is a great art department there – major bonus for her. If this is your first exposure with my books, my daughter is my cover artist & illustrator. That just makes these books that much more special since she is also the Valerie of the Valerie and Samantha of the series.

I’m writing this post from Delaware. We did the 24 hr road trip for a cousin’s wedding. So, not only will she be the new kid, she’ll be the late kid. Adapt & overcome! It’s exciting either way and she is certainly brave to me. I don’t know a lot of Juniors that would be willing to start a new school. I guess the experience will have to make it into one of the books in the series. 😀

Book #1

My Before Happily Ever After series is geared for the middle grade audience, although it has been enjoyed by various ages – men and women alike. They are retellings of favorite fairy tales and folklore. Each book is a stand alone so if Snow White isn’t your thing (Book 1), you could pick up #3 to read a fun new twist on a King Arthur tale. (Of course once you get a feel for the girls, you’ll want to read another to catch their next zany antic!)

My giveaway for the hop is any book of your choice. US can have print or e, international e-only please. Click the raffle copter link below to enter.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

There is a tab above to read more about the details of all the books. #5 is due out in October. It’s a fun new twist on the Jack & the Beanstalk tale. I love the new take on the giants! I think I always say “it’s one of my favorites” with the new releases. I’m sure each one becomes my new favorite – until the next one comes along. Two more of Val’s friends made their way in this one, maybe that’s why I love it even more. 🙂

Book 5

Please take the time and visit all the other people participating in the hop. Just click the froggy!

There isn’t may of us this time around. We’re a small group, but fun people!!! The group is open. If you are a reader or writer of MG or YA, join us!! We’ll put out the cookies, tea, or whatever floats your boat! Facebook “We ❤ Middle Grade Books!

Happy Reading!!
Ann T Bugg


10 thoughts on “Back to School Blog Hop!

  1. Hello Ann, Good luck on your daughter’s start of school. My son is also a junior this year. They do seem to have more confidence at this age, thank goodness. –Fellow author visiting from the Back to School Blog Hop–

  2. Hi Ann, love the post and the hop. You have been quite busy lately. I hope all is well and the trip back is good. Thanks again for hosting the hop. I can’t wait to read #5 (I love the cover)!

    Paul R. Hewlett

  3. Hi Ann! Good luck to your daughter in her Junior year. I moved across country before starting my Sophomore year. I was good with it. Though that 1st day always made me nervous – hence my blog post for the hop. Have a good hop!

  4. First days of school are always nerve wracking… to me the first day of school always felt the same whether it was a new school or old school*gulp*

    lol but I am sure she will do fine… or has she already started? The kids start the 2nd week in august here 😉

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