Book #4 is out!

I’ve been holding off on the news, waiting for it to be available everywhere, but I’m getting impatient & anxious. Big surprise there, huh? 😉

Number 4 in the series, Down the River and Awakening the Rose, is now available. It is at Smashwords in all e-formats, Amazon for Kindle, Kobo, and other e-retailers. I am waiting on a final print proof this week then print will also be available. The whole series has been re-done – I love the new backs to the printed copies!


Back blurb: There is no magic mirror around, no sign of a frog or a possum, as Valerie and Samantha get ready for a canoe trip down the river with Val’s dad. As they wait for him by the river, their world transforms before their eyes. Through the stormy sky, a dragon approaches. With the help of a young man who suddenly appears, they take cover.

Discovering a baby dragon hidden in his knapsack and his intentions with it, they know what they are sent here to do. They didn’t expect the task at the end of their adventure: to help awaken a sleeping princess.


As always, Val & Sam grow a little with each book. This time the stakes are upped more than a smidge, dealing with a very wicked queen. Just a touch of dark magic to batter here. I’m sure you can take it. This one is probably Valerie’s favorite since it has her favorite creature – a dragon.

Hope you enjoy it!
Ann T Bugg



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